Who we are

Give With Heart represents a certain standard for food items. When you see the give with heart seal you can be assured that what you're buying is ethically sourced. To take it a step further, you can be assured that a portion of the proceeds are being contributed to making local communities a better place and we want the customer to have a say in how they're allocated.

Just Vote

Just "vote for" one of our partnered charities from our list, enter your email address and leave the rest to us. Quarterly, we'll divide up our donation budget based on the results and distribute to the charities. Don't worry, we'll make sure everyone gets some help. 50% of our budget will abide by the voting system and the other 50% will be distributed across the board. We're giving the buyer the power to choose where their money goes. And turning a daily ritual into an opportunity to make a difference.

Charity is to will and do what is just and right in every transaction.

- Emanuel Swedenborg


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